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e-learning Strategic Consulting

We can provide on a project by project basis, product independent e-Learning consultancy, from helping you to define and align your e-Learning strategy with your business objectives, to designing and project managing the implementation of your learning platform, through to helping you ensuring that it is rolled-out successfully within your organization. We have gained a wide range of practical expertise and will understand the issues and obstacles that you face.

Please feel free to contact us for a non obligatory discussion to understand what we can offer and gain an insight from what we have learned so far. We pride ourselves on our professionalism and if we can't help you with a specific need we will provide you with access to a global network of other learning experts that can.

Strategic Consulting
Helping you to directly align your training initiatives with the deployment of these world class solutions to meet predefined business objectives, ensuring you get the result you require.

Blended Learning Design
We will work with you utilizing tried and tested methodologies to fully integrate our online offerings with your traditional training initiatives, blending the mix of online and classroom based events to ensure a highly effective outcome .

Deployment Consulting
Providing professional support to assist you with the rollout of your learning solution. Designing communications strategies and providing supporting materials, designing internal launch events and providing expert skills that assist effective internal marketing.

Technology Assessment & Implementation
We will help you to assess your existing technology constraints and advise on the technical adjustments that will aid a simple implementation. We will also directly assist you with managing that implementation.

E-Learning project management

Consultation Process

1.     Initial Analysis

Assessment conducted by a Driven performance analyst to establish the expectations you have of your business and identify the gap between expectation and current levels of performance. This is step one in identifying the performance deficit.

2.     Building the business case

Naturally those responsible for your budget want to see the big picture and will have key requirements that need to be met. We work closely with you from day one to ensure that everyone, from the boardroom to the shop floor can buy into your strategy for performance management. We equip you with the facts, build the case with you and support presentation to the board.

3.     Performance analysis

Is the talent within your organization aligned to perform to their potential? We find out where performance can be improved by refreshing everyone’s perspective and perception of their role in your business. We will also find out from this how best to incentives performance according to the aspirations of employees.

4.     Identifying return on investment (ROI)

For total accountability and visible project success, we agree the areas where returns are expected and design measurement methods to be delivered after an agreed time

RAPID e-Learning Consultancy

It may be the latest buzzword, but it also has enormous potential to transform e-learning for the better.
There are major pitfalls however, not least of which the risk of bombarding your learners with poorly conceived e-learning content.

We can get you up and running with rapid e-learning by:

     Providing instructional design training and / or support to your e-learning authors
   Helping you gets the development process right first time
   Designing and creating rich media and interactivity for your courses

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