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FlippingBook Features    
MS Office and Other Documents

Import any document stored in your computer into your publications, including Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files. The only constraint: you must be able to print these documents on your computer. In this case, you can send the documents to our specific printer FlippingBook Printer (it is installed automatically) directly from the original application, for example,
MS Word, and Publisher will convert and will automatically import the pages of your document.

 Support of Mobile Devices


Realize more flexible publications which will also run on devices like the iPhone, iPad and Android.
A large number of platforms is now supported with FlippingBook Publisher.
Benefit from the advantages of mobility and share your publications with the world of mobile.
A browser is only required for a mobile device. It is a very convenient not only to disseminate information, but for your
e-learning activities, e-commerce, etc.


A Powerful Publication System  Photo

The Publisher's Corporate version has several built-in methods of protection of your publications against unauthorized access and copying of content. By using our new functions you will be able to configure password access to your publications, determine a list of sites from which your publications will be seen, and encode the content of the pages.               

Smart Conversion of PDFs to FlippingBook


During the conversion process, Publisher 2. creates the files needed for the layout of your publication, but it also extractslinks, table of contents, the alphanumeric data and images, so as to enable full-textsearch and optimizing your publications for the screen engines.

(Search Engine Optimization)

ou can obtain a high level of attendance of  your publications after download.
Create books optimized for Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines.
The FlippingBook (SEO) search engine optimization option to generate content for search engines
Optimize the relevance of the book for the Web,
and everyone can find the  publication via Internet. Using the function of SEO.


  Google Analytics Integration

Bring the power of Google Analytics to your publications. Analyze and monitor
traffic to publications in a new way. Improve ads and get more detailed information
and design better campaigns. The code of Google Analytics can be integrated in each
book and all statistics will be available live from your Google Analytics account.
Create, design,manage,and improve your marketing effectiveness by using Google
Analytics in publications. Google allows you to measure your ROI and track all your


Multi-Level Zoom

The quality of vector SWF pages created using Publisher, allows the zoom multilevel
function.The zoom works faster and the new tool is more convenient and intuitive than the
previous version.
The user can zoom in on the part of the publication and make scroll with
the mouse wheel.


Social Networks

Publications created in Publisher provide the appropriate means for integration with modern
social networks. Readers of the publication can upload links to Facebook and Twitter pages,

copy and send links by e-mail, and even integrate your publication (a smaller version)
on their own sites.


 Table of Contents

 This function makes publications more convenient and more attractive to end users and allows
 them to have a structured view by the use of bookmarks from the original PDF or content.
 Any page in the book can be reached in an instant. The table of contents can be easily
  activated from the bottom bar or you can force it by default Setup. The table of contents can
  be automatically created from the original PDF bookmarks and content.


  Full Text Search

Alphanumeric data extracted from a PDF file are used to enable full-text search in your
publication. This unique method of indexing and search algorithms allow searching in quick

line simple, even in very important publications, without the need for special scripts
or database.


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